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The Visa for Americans to Albania Has Changed

Feb 24, 2022

The Visa for Americans to Albania Has Changed

Recently, the visa for Americans to Albania has changed. Previously, American citizens could simply go to Albania and stay for one full year. Now, according to the U.S. Embassy in Albania website, Americans who entered Albania on or after January 7, 2022 can stay in Albania for only 90 days. The United States was the only country whose citizens enjoyed a full one year visa. Now Americans have the same 90 day visa that the rest of the world has had. 

Naturally, there is speculation as to why the U.S. visa for Americans to Albania has changed. Nobody really knows except the Albanian government and possibly the American government. 

Possible Reasons why the Visa has changed

First, one theory why the American visa to Albania has changed is because Albania is engaged in accession talks with the European Union. Albania want to join the EU and maybe they had to curtail American visas as part of the process.

Second, another theory is because of the political and economic climates worsen in the United States. More Americans are looking for places to go. Albania offers an attractive solution. It is relatively easy to get to, it is cheap to stay there, and the country is friendly to Americans. Seeing this trend, the idea is that the Albanian government nipped the emigré trend in the bud. 

Last, I heard this idea why the visa for Americans to Albania has changed. The U.S. government wanted Albania to shorten the visa stay to limit Americans’ ability to leave the U.S. and stay somewhere else. 

Do you know the reason why the American visa to Albania got cut to 90 days? Do you have an interesting theory? Let us know in the comment section.

Obviously, I have no way to check the truth of any of these ideas. For those who had planned on staying in Albania for work and business reasons, the Albania residence permit is still a good option. If you just wanted to kick it, I guess you’re out of luck. 



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