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I Am A Bitcoin Agrarian

Mar 12, 2021

I Am A Bitcoin Agrarian

I’ve come up with a term to describe my direction in life. I am a Bitcoin Agrarian! Bitcoin describes the type of money that I believe in. Agrarian describes the lifestyle I lead. I intend to clarify what I mean in the following lines so stay with me.

Bitcoin Anchors A Fair System

Bitcoin is at a point in its existence where most people have heard of it and have a vague notion of what it is. There are advocates and detractors and many points of view so any person’s definition of what Bitcoin is likely confirms the views of who they socialize with and where they get their news. It probably doesn’t reflect an accurate depiction of it. Most people believe that it is something you buy, that goes up and down wildly in price, that doesn’t exist, and has no real value. The path to understanding Bitcoin takes commitment to study the systems that compose it. Its depiction in the mainstream media is shallow and laughable.

Bitcoin Is A New System Of Money

Bitcoin is a new system of money, the first new system since the advent of gold and silver as the metals of choice to represent value. It is so new that the ruling banking systems either don’t know this, or don’t want others to know this. They call it a security, akin to a stock or bond. But don’t be fooled. It is a first layer bearer asset, like gold and silver. The big difference is that while the metals hold value over time, as does Bitcoin, they are very difficult to manage in space. Settling large transactions in gold requires vast resources to move it securely between locations. Bitcoin solves this. It can settle debts anywhere in the world, immediately, without intermediaries. If you are new to hearing these things, you will have questions. And there are answers, very good ones. This piece is not the place to follow those tangents. But I urge you to research and find the answers to your questions.

Bitcoin Is Conservative And Open Source

As a fungible money through time and space, bitcoin has a very conservative monetary policy, with only 21 million bitcoins to ever be created. At this moment there are 18,650,411.34 bitcoins in existence. The last full bitcoin created will occur on or around May 6, 2139. Everything about bitcoin is open source and fully auditable, unlike the paper money monetary policy of central banks. Their systems are opaque and unauditable. Suffice it to say, every time in history that has witnessed sound money systems has also witnessed prosperity. Undisciplined paper money schemes always end badly.

Bitcoin Is Sound Money

With a sound money system that anyone can participate in, one expects that agrarian vocations will become more viable, profitable, and sustainable. Real price discovery has not been possible during the time of the US dollar as global reserve currency. At the same time, cronyism and corruption within the government has led to policies that favor large corporate farms. Fiscal policy and cheap loans have favored this trend for decades. Add to that the use of underpaid and exploited farm workers, and it is very difficult for small farmers to participate.

Bitcoin Has A Long Time Horizon

The time horizon for cheap, inflated currency, and corporate structures is always short. This flies in the face of good sense and an activity that must maintain a long time horizon because of the simple fact that land is finite. We cannot abuse it for short term gains when future generations will require its use as well. Cheap money encourages cheap thoughts and cheap activities. Expensive money encourages expensive thoughts and expensive activities. This is a good thing. A unit of measure that cannot be manipulated by a professional criminal class to obtain power, one that represents the underlying work and industry that created it, necessarily makes a person respect it and use it wisely. A faucet of paper money that only exists as evidence of debts being created will never allow reasonable people to save money and give thoughtful consideration to what comes next, without the fear and knowledge that their paper notes are continually losing value.

Agrarians Can Preserve Value With Bitcoin

Agrarian vocations become valuable over time. The knowledge and experience gained is often not compensated appropriately. The leverage effects of inflatable money within the farming sector of the economy make humans nearly worthless. But this is only because the cheap flow of money allows the beneficiaries to exclude everything but input vs output in the simplest of charts. They don’t have to factor in the carrying capacity of the land or how to ensure that it will exist in a usable form into the far future. It’s a classic pump and dump scheme, whereby the money enters the picture, creates incentives to maximize itself, then escapes with profits if it succeeds in its goals, or gets bailed out by the banks if it fails. Small farmers can’t gamble freely with the bank’s notes. They are excluded from cheap access. The Cantillon Effect favors those closest to the source of money creation. Yet by having no alternative to using the bank notes, they are subject to the forces that diminish the value of each note over time, thus pushing them into habits of spending, or gambling in the stock or money markets, rather than saving. Keeping money in a liquid form for most of society means losing value day by day.

Bitcoin Allows Savers To Thrive

Bitcoin allows the Bitcoin Agrarian to convert their energy into value that no longer requires a government’s paper currency. Conversion of bank notes into bitcoin stops the debasement of one’s savings. The stable supply of bitcoin and its inflation proof monetary policy mean that a group of interested people cannot seize it for their own purposes, at the expense of humanity. We are currently witnessing the capitalization of a new form of money. The governments treat it as a security for tax purposes but it is not one at all. As the market capitalization of bitcoin increases, a time will come when we will no longer price things in terms of dollars but in terms of bitcoins. We will not say that a bitcoin costs 50 thousand dollars, but a dollar costs 2000 satoshis. The unit of account will be bitcoin. When that happens, the prices of everything in dollars will go up, as evidence of the debasement of the dollar. For those who hold Bitcoin, the cost in satoshis will go down.

Bitcoin Will Allow True Value To Emerge

The fusion of a new internet money that rides on the infrastructure of the internet with the timeless agrarian vocations will usher in a renewal of profitable small farms. The new money, bitcoin, will allow holders to save until they want to spend. It will allow decision making to find its own pace. Without manipulated currency from corrupt banks and governments, the skills and time of farmers and craftspeople will find their true value through price discovery, outside the grasp of dishonest, rent-seeking sociopaths. The more that people truly understand what is at stake and what bitcoin really is, the more people will be on the side of freedom from manipulation and coercion. It’s going to be awesome!



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