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Get Your Free Organic Gardening Guide Here!

Mar 28, 2020

It is strange that the first blog post for a website about antiques and tacos features an Organic Gardening Guide. You can jump to the download page right HERE and get it now. No marketing! No BS! Just the guide and emails with gardening tips.

My family has lived on a homestead in rural southern Oregon for 23 years. We gardened and preserved a lot of food. I’m taking my knowledge and packaging it up right here for you. You can get on my email list right HERE back on the homepage of and you can download the guide from there. You will also get email updates with garden-related tips as the season progresses. I will be doing this in cooperation with my neighbor and seedsman Don Tipping, plant breeder and owner of Siskiyou Seeds.

So I’ve made a big pivot as a result and am focusing my energy on doing something that I hope will help my fellow humans get through this crisis, which is growing a lot of vegetables. And helping others get into growing, their own garden. The economic damage is just beginning and many, many people will be out of work and broke. Despair doesn’t fill the soup pot, but vegetables do! So I’m offering a FREE organic gardening guide called Start Your Organic Garden now! It’s 45 pages and goes through the entire process from selecting your site to harvesting your crops. I will also be offering ongoing tips for gardening, harvesting, preserving, etc. for the duration of the crisis.

Thank you and happy gardening! In the future, I WILL be talking a lot about antiques, vintage, and tacos here also so stick around. It’s gonna be fun! Cheers, Scott



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