What is a satoshi and why does it matter? Everyone has heard of Bitcoin. But what is a satoshi? People see the price of one bitcoin and say, “I can’t afford Bitcoin. It’s only for rich people.” But did you you know that each bitcoin is divided into one-hundred million units called satoshis, named in […]

There is no easy elevator pitch for Bitcoin, a quick description that might entice a listener to become interested. It is impossible to describe or convey in just a minute or two. The most accurate and concise description I’ve heard was in a talk I watched on YouTube featuring Bitcoin expert Andreas M. Antonopoulos. “Bitcoin […]

In addition to merely harvesting your own food, if that weren’t enough, there are many other benefits of growing a vegetable garden. Throughout the ages, growing food has supplemented diets to being the absolute reason for people’s survival. The modern economy has distorted the value of one’s time. However, the relationship between dedicating a little […]